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File Types

Antibody CSV

Results from HLA antibody tests can be exported as a .csv file from the OneLambda HLA Fusion or Immucor MatchIt software. These files are converted to HAML format for consistency. More Info


HML is Histocompatibility Markup Language[1], an XML-style document used to communicate HLA Genotyping results. The format is described at schemas.nmdp.org and the workshop database supports HML version 1.0.1. These files are validated for consistency with the XML Schema, and according to MIRING specifications and the NMDP Gateway.

Specific guidelines for vendors have been developed regarding the generation of HML documents for the workshop, as well as the selection of relevant reference sequences. More information on this is available on the IHIW github page.


HAML is HLA Antibody Markup Language, an XML-style document to communicate results from antibody assays. Antibody .csv files are converted to the HAML format so they can be analyzed consistently.

Pedigree Files (PED)

A .ped file contains pedigree information, where HLA SNP or Haplotype information can be represented within families.

Project Data Matrix

A data matrix is a project-specific file that is used to submit meaningful data for a workshop component. It is an excel spreadsheet, with columns that contain relevant project-specific data, and may refer to other raw-data uploaded files. Read more about Project Data Matrix files.