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Antibody CSV

Antibody CSV files can be exported from the OneLambda Fusion and Immucor MatchIt! software. These files contain bead specificities and MFI values, and these files are converted to a standard HAML format when they are uploaded to the IHIW database.

Please note that incomplete or “invalid” data sets are probably still usable. Users are encouraged to upload data even if there are validation issues, the validation feedback is intended to be helpful, it’s not indicating that the data is rejected. Many validation issues can be overcome as data is more closely analyzed.

Warning for Excel Users: Although the Antibody CSV files can be opened in Excel, Excel will change the format of the file when it is re-saved (even if you didn’t make any changes). The CSV can sometimes no longer be converted. It’s best to upload the unmodified file that is exported from the software.

The output of the Fusion (OneLambda) software can be made in this way:

OneLambda Fusion

  1. Create the Report Format

Navigate to ‘Reports’ -> ‘Tools’ -> ‘Setup Data Export’.
Select these options:

  • Patient – Patient ID
  • Sample – Sample ID
  • Session – Run Date
  • Catalog – Catalog ID
  • Catalog Detail – Bead ID
  • Catalog Detail – Specificity
  • Well Detail – MFI (Raw Data)
  • Well – NC2 BeadID
  • Well – PC2 BeadID
  • Well detail – Rxn

Save the setup.

2. Export the Report

Select the data you wish to export.
Select ‘Tools’ -> ‘Export data’. Select the export format you already created and saved. Save the file as CSV.

Immucor MatchIt!

The Immucor MatchIt! Software has a built-in Predefined IHIW HAML export format.

When exporting your data, select [Predefined Exports] and find a HAML option, which should create a .csv file.
For single sample .csv files, make sure the data is sorted on Bead ID.

Upload this .csv file to the Workshop Database.