Project: Population genetics, anthropology and evolution

Population genetics, anthropology and evolution

Project leaders: Alicia Sanchez-Mazas and Natasja De Groot

This project aims at building an up-to-date mapping of the HLA molecular polymorphism in human populations and at developing a well-grounded methodological framework to analyse these data in an anthropological/evolutionary perspective. To follow these goals:

  • We encourage laboratories to submit high-resolution HLA population data, from a minimum 2nd-field level molecular typing to full-gene DNA sequencing. Our objective is to extend the HLA diversity maps built during previous workshops to additional populations/regions worldwide and to refine these maps by including as much as possible full-gene (i.e. exons, introns and UTRs) nucleotide information. Useful datasets may include both anthropologically-defined populations and donor registry samples.
  • We encourage researchers that investigate non human primates (NHP)-MHC or have NHP-MHC available at the molecular level, to submit these data. Our objective is to include as much NHP data to the analyses, which will add in the understanding of the evolution of the primate MHC genes.
  • We invite researchers working in population genetics and molecular evolution to share their expertise for the analysis of these data. Our objective is to define various kinds of biostatistical/computational approaches, including data comparisons to other related species, to investigate the evolutionary process that shaped the HLA polymorphism.

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