Project: HLA and Immunogenetics | COVID-19 Consortium

HLA and Immunogenetics | COVID-19 Consortium

Project leaders: Jill A. Hollenbach, Steven J. Mack, Martin Maiers

Detailed project description:

The Consortium is a community effort to create a persistent community resource providing centralized access to COVID-19-related HLA and immunogenetic data, literature, and data analysis tools. This project is not providing protocols for sample collection or genotyping; it is building a repository for COVID-19-related immunogenetic data alongside community developed data-analysis tools.

Milestones in years:
2020-2021: Database and Data analysis platform developed; data deposition, literature centralization, and analyses proceed
2022: Data deposition and analysis continues; manuscripts are published

Patient/sample description (if applicable, details, inclusion/exclusion criteria):
The database will house genotyping for HLA other immunogenetic loci alongside clinical data (derived from the COVID-19 Host Genetics Consortium’s data dictionary) for COVID-19 positive individuals,

Data required (number, type of data, inclusion/exclusion criteria):
A data-dictionary will be published at

Samples required (if applicable, number, type of samples, inclusion/exclusion criteria):
This project does not involve the collection of samples.

Reagents/additional assays required:
Data generated via any HLA-specific typing method (e.g., NGS, SSOP, or SSP) can be deposited into the database. In addition, any genomic-level genotyping (e.g., GWAS SNP panels, Whole Gene Sequencing, or Whole Exome Sequencing) can be parsed onto HLA genotypes and imported into the database using the data-analysis layer. No specific reagents or assays are required.

Data infrastructure required: