Project: High-resolution KIR in populations

High-resolution KIR in populations

Project leaders: Jill Hollenbach, Paul Norman and Danillo Augusto

Detailed project description:

The goal of this ongoing project is to characterize the nature and extent of KIR allelic diversity across human populations using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Participating labs will perform high-resolution KIR genotyping in unrelated individuals from diverse populations. Studies in families will also be conducted in order to define phased KIR haplotypes through segregation analysis.

Milestones in years:

2019: Participating lab registration

2020-2021: Completion of QC

2022: Final data collection

Data required (number, type of data, inclusion/exclusion criteria):

  • High resolution allelic KIR genotyping

Samples required (if applicable, number, type of samples, inclusion/exclusion criteria):

  • Samples from individuals representing diverse worldwide population
  • Families, in order to characterize KIR haplotypes at high resolution

Reagents/additional assays required:

  • All participants performing genotyping locally will be asked to validate methods using a small control panel

Data infrastructure required: