Project: HLA Dictionary Update

Project name: HLA Dictionary Update

Project leader(s): Loren Gragert and Michael Gautreaux

Detailed project description:

Update the HLA dictionary with a more comprehensive serological equivalent list for HLA class I and II.

Milestones in years:

2020-2021: Compile an updated allele list for HLA class I and II loci and identify alleles for which the serological equivalents have not been defined using the common, infrequent, and well-documented (CIWD) alleles list as a guide. Assign allele frequencies. Identify laboratory partners to test alleles to determine their serological equivalents.

2021: Prioritize the list of alleles with unknown serological equivalents to test based on allele frequencies. Test alleles to determine their serological equivalents.
Alleles from sero groups that are not well represented

2022: Publish an updated serological equivalents reference for HLA class I and II alleles. This might include retraining the NN developed by Maiers et al. to expand the list of serological equivalents.

Patient/sample description:

Serum and cells from DKMS, Baylor, Stanford, UCLA and any other lab/organization interested to participate through the workshop.

Data required:

Reference the allele list from the updated CIWD as well as analyse alleles identified unambiguously at least to the 2nd field, preferably by NGS typing methods. Use allele frequencies to prioritize alleles to determine their serological equivalent.

Samples required:

Serum from patients and multiparous women, and fresh or cryopreserved cells.

Reagents/additional assays required

Monoclonal antibodies and recombinant protein.

Data infrastructure required

HLA genotyping data, database to compile data, and neural network for analysis.